Monday, May 6, 2019

Planted the Pumpkin Plants Finally (Kind of)

This morning was beautiful.  Clear blue skies.  No wind.  So I took advantage of it quickly and got the final setup done and got the the 2255 plants in the ground.  A little more than a week late, but better late than never.  

Cold night time lows (23 degrees twice this last week) and lots of strong wind has made it difficult to get much done.  Today wasn't much different.   Beautiful to start with but then the winds kicked up.  15-20 mph winds right now so I haven't got the 2005 plants in the ground yet.   I suspect things will calm down in the next two hours, so hopefully I can have everything planted by this evening.

In each planting hole I added Actinovate, azos, mykos, seaweed and some humic acid.  I then water the plants with some compost tea that had alfala, compost, BiotaMax, and a little molasses, seaweed and humic acid.

I kind of hate getting the plants planted three weeks after seed starting because you don't want the plant to get root bound, but also I find they don't transition to the outdoors as well when they get too large.

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