Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Little Frost & a New Pollination

So on Monday I found that the 2255 plant did get some front damage.  Took a day for it to really show up.  No destroyed leaves but maybe 1 out of 10 leaves show some damage on them.  The pumpkin on that plant seems to have taken but is growing slow.   I think extra cold temperatures slowed it up.  The day after I pollinated it was in the 30s for the low the next 4 nights.  Hard to get much growth when more than half of the day is below 50 degrees.  Even after that we haven't had a low in the 50s yet.

I pollinated a second female on the plant this morning.  I'll let it grow out 14 days or so and see if it does any better.

2005 pumpkin is growing a little better than the 2255, but not tearing it up.  Its been growing in the same weather as the 2255, so no expectations that it should be blowing it up.  I'm interested in seeing what day 10 looks like for it to see if it is close to par.  If it is then it could be interesting. 

I've come up with names for both of the pumpkins.  Once I have my fruits down to one on each plant I'll make an announcement on the names.  Last week's weather inspired me.

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