Thursday, November 21, 2019

2020 Pumpkin Seed Lineup, Kind Of

Okay, my seed lineup got solidified today when I got a bubble in the mail.  It's like an early Christmas.  I haven't met Mr. Karl Haist yet, but I'm hoping he will be in Vegas because I want to shake his hand.  I asked him for one seed and he sent many.  And they good ones.  I'm going to grow my own 1325 Johnson seed this next year, but haven't decided what seed I'll grow in the greenhouse yet.  The 2005 seed is the one I grew last year and it grew the biggest pumpkin in 2019.  The 2nd seed is the 2517 which is a seed from the biggest pumpkin grown in the world this last year.  Decisions, decisions.  Which one would you grow and more importantly why?

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