Friday, May 8, 2020

A Little Fertilizer for the Plants & Plant Protection

I'm really pleased with the two plants in the greenhouse.  They've transitioned perfectly to the soil and haven't seemed to slow down at all.  Today I gave the plants a little Neptune's Fish & Seaweed 2-3-1 that I got at the GPC pumpkin seminar.  I've used this in the past and really like it.  No horrid smell like some and I like how they cold process it until some of the fish fetilizers.

Fish and seaweed to me is a great early season fertilizer.  I want to push the plants at this point, but not too hard.  The nice thing about this fertilizer is it is going to have a lot of micro nutrients along with growth hormones.  Enough to give the plants a nudge.  The one thing I wonder about is how soon the nutrients are available, but based on a presentation that the Neptune guys did at the convention, there is some evidence that at least some of the nutrients are readily available to the plant.

I add a new night time covering for the hoop houses this year.  The local construction has had a lot new new basements poured and the works threw into the dumpsters the tarp "blankets" that they use to help the cement cure.  They are basically two tarps with a foam insulation core and I've been able to keep the hoop house from getting much below 60 even when it is below freezing outside.  Plants are not happy below 54 degrees, so this helps keep them growing constantly.


Anonymous said...

That's a good find, i'd better up my game hoop hit 48 with 34 being the actual temp.

Jamie said...

Ideal hoop temperature I would say is around 84 degrees. That is the target, but not really possible to keep it at that during the night when it is 29 degrees outside.

Anonymous said...

With a little extra thought and preparation my low temp hit 60 with 30 being actual low for the night. Keep the blogs coming its great for rookies like myself