Friday, June 11, 2021

Frost on the Pumpkin? Not Last Night, but it was close.

 Last night it hit 31 degrees in the pumpkin patch, but the plants were kept safe.  My plant, which is in a greenhouse, isn't protected from overnight lows by the greenhouse.  The temps at night in the greenhouse are the same as the temps outside.  Sometimes even a little cooler at the first part of the evening.  However, if you run a propane heater, which I did last night, you can get it warmer.  The low in the greenhouse got to 37 degrees, but not cold enough to do any damage.

My son's plant, which has grown to the end of his hoop house, was kept nice and warm and did well last night too, under an insulated tarp and with a ceramic heat lamp.  But there was ice on the tarp this morning, so it got cold outside.

Yesterday I gave my plant some liquid seaweed with humic acid on the recently covered vines.   That should help with root growth.

I have a female flower in the vine tip at about 12-13 feet out on the main vine.  So we should be 7-9 days out from pollinating what should be a keeper.  I'll need to send in a tissue sample soon to the lab to see what the plant needs.

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