Monday, December 15, 2008

Obsessive Pumpkin Grower Needs Your Help

In order to keep me from changing my mind AGAIN on what seeds to plant next year I am posting it here and asking that you make sure I give dirt to the following next year:

1566 Rodonis (1450 Wallace x 1231 Pukos) - grew the biggest pumpkin in 2008, 9 pumpkins over 1,000 pounds this year. The 1156 seems to grow very well in cooler weather which is great for Colorado's cool nights, it throws a lot of female flowers and seems to be a good steady grower. I think the 1450 has all of the best of the 1068 Wallace but has worked out some of the reported flaws.

1363 Werner (985 Werner x 1450 Wallace) - Two pumpkins over 1,000 pounds this year and rumor has it that Quinn Werner liked it so much he will be planting it again this next year. I really like the cross. Both the male and the female have produced pumpkins over 1,500 pounds.

1269 Hunt (901 Hunt x 1631 Mckie) - The dark horse of my seed lineup. The 901 this last year tried to make a run at the world record but blew up the last week of August at 1269 pounds. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if it made it to the scale in October. It may turn out that the 901 just grows to fast and will always blow up. I'm hoping that the 1631 will thicken it up a little and make it a more steady grower. We will find out.

The crosses I'm planning right now are 1566 Rodonis x 1363 Werner, 1363 Werner x 1566 Rodonis and 1269 Hunt x 1450 Wallace (Joe Scherber kindly offered to let me have some pollen from the 1450 he is planning on growing). My backup seeds right now are the 1161 Rodonis, 1000 Grande, 1004 Mohr, 1059.5 Hooker, 1154.8 Doucet and 1180 Deletas. I wish I had one more growing spots to grow on so my 1161 Rodonis could see dirt this year too.

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