Monday, June 29, 2009

1350 Starr Pumpkin Plant

The first 3 sides vines on each side of the 1350 are growing really fast (some have already been terminated) but the side vines after that are moving really slow. This happened on my plant last year too. Both plants lost the main vine at about the same time so I'm guessing that this is the side effect as the new main becomes a sink and starts growing again.

The one thing that gives me hope for the 1350 is the large females that this plant produces. Maybe this plant isn't much of a salad producer but if it can grow big pumpkins who cares. It is ahead of where my plant was at last year at this time so I expect very good things from it. Right now the main is at about 9 feet.
Because of the rainy weather patterns we have had this year this was only the third time I have irragated the plants with the sprinklers this season. I usually mist the plants 1-3 times a day by running the sprinklers for 1 minute but today is only the third time I have needed to actually water with the sprinklers.

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