Monday, July 27, 2009

Renewal of the Patch

If one thing is sure, life wants to go on. That is double the case for the 1350 Starr. New leaves popping up all over the battered pumpkin plant. Still no growth on the pumpkin but it is holding together so far so we will take that as a victory.

Started a new compost pile on Saturday using leaves collected from the neighborhood that were knocked off the trees during the storm.


Bryan Langley(dirtybry) said...

Tracking this story is better than watching the 5 oclock news. At this point if this plant tossed out another pumpkin before the end of the season, I wouldn't be all that stunned. I wonder if the seeds will carry on the resilency of this pumpkin.

Jamie said...

Thanks for your commment. The 1566 plant, which was more exposed, has one vine that survived because a silt fence fell over on top of it. Every other vine is dead. I thought about trying to get a pumpkin on that one good vine but decided that my time would be better spent with patch prep for next year. I'll keep the 1350 plant going as long as the pumpkin holds together.