Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pumpkin is Oranging Up

The pumpkin is definitely turning oranger the last few days. The orange color must be coming through the 1370 Rose side of it's genetics. The pumpkin hasn't grown the last two days however. At this point it seems solid and the oozing has stopped but no new circumference growth. The pumpkin stopped at the same time that a number of new leaves started popping up all over the previously bare plant. I'm hoping that the plant switched gears into vegetative mode and will start putting on pounds again once the leaves are grown. Or, and I've seen this before, the pumpkin may just stay together and not put on any more size. That would be okay with me because at least I should be able to get some seeds out of it if that is the case. There are about 30 more days until the seeds might be mature. Some pumpkin seeds are mature at about 45 days. Some take longer.

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