Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Additional Pictures of the Pumpkin Patch After the Big Storm

The following pictures were taken about 14 hours after the hail storm. Additional details in the post below. The miracle is that the pumpkin is still growing. Don't know how much longer however. I'm hoping to get it far enough along to get seeds out of it but there are a few spots that clear, gel like liquid are oozing out of which is probably a sign that the battered spots are beginning to rot. I've been spraying diluted bleach on the pumpkin and trying to keep it dry in the hopes of saving it. None the less it has put on about 5 1/4 inches since the storm without any leaves on the plant and I would say that isn't half bad.


Bryan Langley ( name dirtybry) said...

That thing is amazingly persistant. Very stubborn, must be a female! LOL!

Jamie said...