Sunday, September 6, 2009

How-to-Grow Giant Pumpkins the Organic Way

Get How-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins the Organic Way book by Don Langevin at 15% off! How-To-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins –The All-Organic Way is the latest in a four-part series dedicated to the pursuit of growing giant pumpkins. The information is useful for all skill levels of giant vegetable gardening, and in true Langevin fashion, is in an easy-to-read format.

Don teaches everyone the most in-depth practices of growing technique and soil science, from the state of the art mycorrhizal inoculants and biological controls, to the basics of composting and organic matter. This book is an instant classic that will propel even a novice gardener to world
record heights.

To get the book just mention on the order form before Thanksgiving and pay just $16.95 with free shipping included.

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