Thursday, April 15, 2010

Which One Will Grow the Big One?

Okay, seed germination is now done. I have a 1161 Rodonis, 1236 Harp, 1528 Starr, 1129 Orleck, 1019 Grande and 1316 Harp now germinated. The 1385 was the only seed that didn't pop. When I saw that the 1385 wasn't going to go I started an 1161 and 1528 on the 14th. I have three spots to grow on so I will put two plants into every spot and let the best plant win. These decisions are always tough because after just a few weeks of growing it is impossible to tell which one is going to grow a giant, so you have to rely on you research in the off season and your intuition and after that it is just pure luck (and I don't even believe in luck).

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