Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day from the Pumpkin Patch

First picture is of the 1236 Harp and second picture is of the 1161 Rodonis. Not sure if the latest pollination on the 1161 is going to take. Pumpkin hasn't laid down yet and it hasn't seemed to grow much. It is still shiney and it has a very thick stem so it might just be holding it up. The 1236 main vine self terminated this week due to the heat. I noticed on Wednesday that the vine tip looked a little crispy but it still had some green and today it was completely dead. The good news is that it was only about two feet from where I was going to terminate it anyways. This plant's main is the fastest I've ever had and the combination of the heat and a root structure that wasn't very estabished this far out burned it up. I should have had the vine tip covered. Gave the plants some CO2 yesterday to help them deal with the heat.

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