Monday, September 27, 2010

Pumpkin Party and RMGVG Weigh-off

A big thanks to everyone that was at the Johnson Pumpkin Party on Friday. I think we probably had 100 people in attendence and for those who weren't able to make it this year we hope you can make it next year and see some even bigger pumpkins.

Saturday was a bitter/sweet day at the weigh-off. The weather was ideal and the attendence was great but the pumpkin didn't go as heavy as we anticipate. The 1236 Harp eneded up at 820 pounds, a peronal best, but 16% lighter than what the estimation charts said it should weigh (150lbs less). You can't be overly sad about growing your biggest pumpkin ever however.

If anyone would like some seeds please let me know. The cross for the now 820 Johnson is 1236 Harp x 1161 Rodonis.

My children were the big winners on the day. Their 1129 Orleck ended up at 208 pounds taking first place in the Juniors division and set a new Colorado state record for Juniors. Great job kids!

The winner at the weigh-off was a monster 1,532 pounder by Kevin Marsh of South Dakota. Congrats Kevin. It was a great looking, solid pumpkin.

This coming Saturday the 1161 Rodonis will be going to the scales and I anticipate that it should weigh more than the 1236 Harp did.


DaCo said...

That's hugh, well done & really well done to the kids too. as for the seeds I dont suppose you'd post some to ireland if I sent a S.A.E ?

Patrick said...

Congrats on your biggest pumpkin ever! And also, congrats to your kids, Wow 208 pounds and a state record is amazing! It was awesome seeing that pumpkin in person. Great work!

Anonymous said...

How about that big pumpkin kevin harvested! Biz and the wiz didn't see that one coming!

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone.If anyone would like some seeds I'd be happy to send them to you. Would just need a self addressed stamped envelope. Email me and I'll send you the address: jamie AT

Anonymous said...

Good butt crack on that guy