Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Week From Today: Weigh-off Time!

Just one week from today and pumpkin #2 goes to the scales (first picture). We've had great weather this growing season and I feel relatively good about where I am at right now. I'm disappointed that the 1236 kind of tanked this month but the 1161 has shown some good, consistent long growing. It looks like by weigh-off day the 1236 and the 1161 will have the same measurements, but because of the small split in the 1236 and the growth that the 1161 is still putting on I'm going to take the 1161 to Longmont and hope it goes heavy to the scale.
My son Bode and the 1236 are in the Denver Post today. Great article:

These are the last pictures until Jared's.

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