Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Aggressive Pumpkin Plants

I checked the seeds that I started and three of the four of them have germinated so I have transferred them to their peat pots. The 1306 looks to be aggressive plants. Both of those seeds had roots that were already an inch long. One of the 1204 Scherber seeds hasn't germinated yet so I decided to start a 1325 Sperry as a backup. I like the 1325 genetics. It is a cross of a 1161 Rodonis (same seed that grew the world record 1,810) and a 1725 Harp. The 1725 is a seed from the former world record pumpkin. Steve Sperry said that the 1725 was "the fastest growing, best looking plant in the garden" until it had a blossom end split in late August. It is impressive that the 1725 was the best looking plant when the biggest pumpkin that he took to the scale last year was 1520 pounds. I figure it is a seed worth growing.

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