Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little More Biotamax for the Pumpkin Patch

Gave the plants some more Biotamax this morning. This will probably be the last dose for the season. Previously I posted about a test I did with Biotamax on the lawn. The test was inconclusive in term of results, but over a month later I am seeing the lawn greening up in the front and the back in ways I haven't seen for three years. I can't say it was Biotamax that brought on the results but it isn't hurting and it is probably beneficial when used as part of an entire program.

After spraying down the pumpkin patch with Biotamax using a hose end sprayer I sprayed down the leaves of the plants because some growers have said they have seen some leaf burn after using Biotamax. Not sure why that would be the case and it may not be true but no reason to take chances.

Over the last week I've started terminating vines on both plants as they reach the back edge of the patch. You terminate a vine be cutting off the leaf mass that is at the end of vine. After removing the mass the vine won't grow any more.

Gave the plants some compost tea this evening. Looks like we will be pollinating the 868 plant on the 4th. American's birthday and hopefull the b-day of a new personal best pumpkin.

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