Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last of the Actinotate to Fight Off Powdery Mildew

I used the last of my Actinovate on the pumpkin plants this evening. Actinovate, as I've mentioned before, is a friendly fungus that can fight off powdery mildew as well as a number of other bad fungus and bacteria. This is the first year I've used and I believe it works. I've seen some plants in the yard and neighborhood with bad cases of powdery mildew but as of right now I maybe have four leaves on each plant with small spots of mildew and that is about it.

This morning I gave my plants some BioSol 7-2-3 grandular fertilizer. Growth on both plants and particularly the 868 plant have tapered off. That is common at this point of the season but the 868 is only putting on 15 pounds a day right now which is about 5 pounds less per day than where I would hope for it to be at right now.

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