Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers Patch Tour

Yesterday was the annual RMGVG patch tour. With it you go around and visit others growers pumpkin patches to see how they grow but more importantly you get a chance to spy on the other competitors pumpkins. The big winner so far this year was Joe Scherber. There has been some talk about Ken's pumpkin having the biggest measurements on but I know what Joe's measurements were on that same day and lets just say that it was 400 pounds bigger than any other pumpkin we saw yesterday. His pumpkin is older than Ken's but still packing on the pounds. A very impressive white pumpkin grown from the 1725 Harp seed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie, do you come to events? We're having a pumpkin contest in Fort Collins on Oct. 1, and would love to have you here!
Kate Wyman, Fort Collins Nursery