Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney & The 1789 Wallace is Really Taking Off

We interrupt this pumpkin growing season for a little family fun vacation.  I was in Disneyland the last three days on a special media trip for the grand opening for Disney's new Cars Land.  Disney pulled out all of the stops for the trip, even shutting down the California Adventures park just for the media on Thursday.  After one of the rides I heard the words that every Disney visitor wants to hear at the end of a ride.  "Sir, would you like to stay on and go again?"

The new Radiator Springs Speed Racer ride is completely amazing!  I went on it three times. 

Radiator Springs Raceway Ride
A big thanks to Joe Scherber for watching my plants while I was out of town.  He must have done a good job because both of the plants look great.  I was only gone for three days but the 1789 Wallace plant really took off while I was gone.  The side vines are finally getting their grow on and the main is still going fast as ever.  A female showed up at about 11 feet while I was gone.  It is green so it looks like this pumpkin is going to be white.

I gave the plants some fish & seaweed along with a a little NutraCal today.

The complete Radiator Springs Speed Racer ride on Video is below.  The ride opened for the public today.

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