Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pictures of the 1789 Wallace & 1451 Scherber Giant Pumpkin Plants

Both pumpkin plants are growing very nicely right now and both are ahead of any plants I've grown in the past.  One of the reasons I started this pumpkin blog was to be able to make notes as to what I've been fertilizing the plants with and when and refer to pictures from previous weeks to see how the plants are growing.  It is also nice to be able to go back to past photos of the plants and see where I am at in comparison to previous years.  These are my plants at about this time last year:

These are the plants from about two years ago:

My plants this year were started a few days later than the previous years and it looks like I'm way ahead of last year and about the same as were I was at two years ago.

1789 Wallace Today

1789 Wallace from 4 days previous

1451 Scherber today

It is interesting to see the difference in growth on the 1789 plant.  It really took off the last four days.

I gave the plants some organic Metalosate Calcium and Lithovit (similar to CalCarb) this evening to help the plants deal with the upcoming heat in Denver next week.

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