Friday, July 20, 2012

Compost Tea on the Pumpkin Plant & Watching for Stump Rot

This evening I gave the plant some compost tea containing humic acid, alfalfa and Big Bloom on the leaves and the stump area.  The stump of the plant I have covered on three sides with a piece of clear plastic to help keep it dry.  The stumps can rot fairly easily and three years ago I was having trouble with an oozing spot on a 1161 Rodonis plant.  I would bleach it and sulfur it but until I covered it I couldn't get the rot to go away.  Since then I've used the same plastic piece on my plants starting around the middle of June and to date I haven't had any real problems with stump rot.  However, I have to go in and hand water the stump area from time to time otherwise the dirt around the stump can get very dry and crack which can cause it's own problems.

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