Sunday, June 16, 2013

Female at about 12 feet on 1421 Stelts

A female flower showed up on the 1421 at about 11 to 12 feet on the main vine today.  If you want to grow a big pumpkin then you want to grow it on the main vine because that is where the most available nutrients are going to be to power the pumpkin's growth.  This female is on the side of the plant that I'd like to grow a pumpkin so I'm hoping that in about 10 days I'll be pollinating it.

No females have shown up on the main vine of the 1775 plant yet.  This plant reminds me alot of the 1789 Wallace plant that I grew last year. I'm maybe 1-2 days behind that plant in terms of side vine growth, but the main vine is almost exactly the same length for the date.  The 1421 plant is a bit ahead of where both of my plants were at on this date last year.

I gave my plants a very light dose of foliar fish and seaweed this evening.  Mostly my daughter gave the fish and seaweed to her 1799 plant which continues to struggle and there was some left over so I sprayed in on my son's and my two plants.

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