Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hail Netting Over the Patch & the Pumpkin Observation Deck

This evening I put up the hail netting over the pumpkin patch.  I learned the hard way what a hail storm could do to a pumpkin 4 years ago.  The hail netting also helps cut down on the UV rays and also makes it a little cooler with the 15% shade that it creates.  The plants are running out the door of the hoop houses now and I'll have to take them off in the next couple of days.  My plants have actually caught up to where my plants were at on this date last year.  I was behind, but even with the cooler weather they are growing okay.

After putting up the netting I sat down on our new Pumpkin Observation deck (you can see the pumpkin patch and hail netting just over the back fence).  Life is sometimes very, very good.
Denver Colorado Pumpkin Patch hail Netting

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Patrick said...

Hi Jamie, where do you recommend getting hail netting from?