Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Compost Tea For The Pumpkin Plants

This morning I gave the pumpkin plants some compost tea that had worm castings, big bloom, alfalfa and molasses in it.  No real fertilizer at this point for the plants because we have had a lot of rain lately and when thing warm up we don't want the pumpkins to go boom. 

Slower growth on the pumpkins yesterday.  I think it only got to about 80 degrees yesterday and the entire morning was rainy and cool so not a lot of activity.  A little warmer today and then a stretch of high 80s and low 90s which is going to be perfect for the rapid growth phase of the pumpkins. The 1421 should be kicking into full gear in about 3-4 days so nice weather will only help pack on the pounds.

My son's 335 Scherber pumpkin is looking really, really good.    I wish I could remember what day he pollinated it on.  It had a measurement of 31.5 inches this morning and if I remember correctly it was pollinated on the 5th or 6th.  That is phenomenal growth for what isn't a very big plant.


others said...

Here in NJ , it seems the heat and humidity is getting to the plants :( was 97 here today , i have 2 fruits starting im waiting to see which is the better of the 2 ... but whats the best thing to do for excessive heat over long periods

Jamie said...

Make sure you water more on those hot days. Misting the plants throughout the day helps a lot too.