Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Foliar Application for the Pumpkin Plants with Humic Acid & a Spreader

After some research I've added two things to my foliar applications.  A little Nourish L (humic acid) and Desert Nectar (yucca) is now put into my sprayer.  The nice guys at Arvada Hydro gave these to me for free to try.  Humic acid is something very good to put in with foliar applications because it is a natural chelator, which basically means it can help nutrients get into the leaf.  I recently read an interesting study on how humic acid can help get calcium into the leaf via foliar applications and transport it into the fruit which is very interesting and promising.  More calcium in the fruit, some believe, means less blossom end splits.

The yucca that I've added to the foliar applications is is a mild non-ionc spreader (sometimes also called a sticker) that can help spread a foliar application across a leaf by keeping the water from beading up which means better absorption.  I've known about spreaders for some time but haven't ever tried it.

This evening I sprayed some small quantities of Lithovit, Albion Organic Multimineral and magnesium on all of the plants.

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