Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dag Nabit: Lost Stanley Today!

Lost the big 1421 pumpkin this morning to a blossom end split. Estimates 1,107 this morning and was putting on 15-18 pounds a day. I'm guessing it would have ended up at about 1,420 pounds if it hadn't had split based on its current growth rate.  That would have broke the Colorado state record.  This pumpkin seems like it would have gone heavy as well.  I've decided to try to limp it along and get it to the weigh-off so I can get an official weight.  I've sprayed the hole with bleach, put sulfur powder in it and then caulked the hole.  I also have covered the pumpkin to keep it dry.  Usually pumpkin growth slows down a lot once air gets in the cavity so we will never know what it could have been.

Stanley 37 days before weigh-off

The Evil Split

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Patrick said...

Nooooo! Sorry to hear that man!