Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Fertilizer and Checking the Pumpkin Stump

This morning I sprayed 3 1/2 ounces of liquid fish and seaweed on the ground under the 1421 leaf canopy.  That plant has been sucking up a lot of nutrients all summer long and I've put little to nothing on the ground over the last month.  The rhizosphere around the plant root hairs can only pull nutrients from so far so I figured it was time to give the ground a little boost.  This evening I'll do some foliar multimineral with Lithovit in it on the 1421 plant and give the same plus 0-1-1 to the 1775 plant.  It has been record temperatures the last two days in Denver with maybe another record today so I've been giving the plants extra misting and a little extra water on the ground.

When carefully stepping into the plant to spray I checked the stump and took off any of the new growth around the stump so it could get sun on it. This time of year you'll get a lot of new leaves and vines popping up and I believe it is best just to get rid of those.

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