Sunday, August 25, 2013

Join the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers

If you would like to grow giant pumpkins next year here are the three things you should do in the next two months.  First come to one of the RMGVG giant pumpkin weighs in Colorado.  You can find dates and times on  Next join the RMGVG.  Not only well you get a packet of giant pumpkin seeds with the best genetics in the west but you will also get the club newsletters with tips and advice on how to grow.  Lastly, in early fall start prepping your planting area for next year.  80% of what grows a giant pumpkin in the summer happens in the fall and early spring when you are prepping your soil.  Read what I did last fall and based on your own soil reports get advice from local growers on how to properly build your soil for next year.  It can be a great family activity or lot of fun for someone who just wants the biggest jack-o-latern on the street next fall.

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