Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Pumpkin Named "Bo"

It is day number 7 since pollinated the 1791 pumpkin plant.  I'm going to name this pumpkin Bo.  I watched a show on ESPN this last winter about Bo Jackson and thought Bo would be the perfect name for a giant pumpkin.  Hopefully he will live up to his name.

So far Bo is growing nicely and is shined up.  I think this pollination will take.  He has a nice long stem.  My guess that is from the 2009 side.  He also has a little bit of length to his shape.  Hopefully that will mean it won't turn into a wheel.


Anonymous said...

Nice start of a huge pumpkin hopefully. I would like to ask a question about bugs, I call them cucumber bugs, but I don't know what the real name is for them. anyways they are eating my leaves up and they are turning slight shade of yellow. I put sevens dust on them and don't see anymore bugs, but is it going to harm the chance of a nice pumpkin because of this?

Jamie said...

Cucumber beetles and squash bugs are a Colorado pumpkin growers worse enemy. The eating on the plant isn't the biggest problem but, it is the virus that either of those bugs can carry that can kill the plant. I lost a very nice plant a couple of years ago to yellow vine disease. It is caused by the virus those bugs carry. Now just because you've had those bugs doesn't mean your plant will get yellow vine disease. About four years ago there was an outbreak of cucumber beetles and none of my plants had a problem. The year my plant got yellow vine disease I think I had seen one squash bug the whole year.

If you do get yellow vine disease the plant will just start shriveling up, starting at the vine tips. Leaves will turn yellow as well. Yellow leaves for the oldest leaves near the stump are typical to get this time of year however and it isn't a problem. Those leaves powered the plant since the plant sprouted and are getting tired two months later. I noticed some of my leaves just starting to get that way lately. It is typical.