Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Pumpkin Pictures

Both plants seem to have increased their vine growing this last week.  The 335 is still behind where it should be, but doing better.  I would be a bit down on that plant but the root system is very impressive on it so I'm hoping it has pumpkin growing powers like last year's plant.

The 1791 continues to truck along.  Growth on the pumpkin seems good.  Monday morning will be day 10 and that will be the first gauge of its growth.  At this point I don't pay much attention to it other than to make sure it is growing and shiny.

I pollinated a 2nd pumpkin at about 17-18 feet out on the main today.  It was pollinated with my daughter's 335 plant.  I pollinated it as a backup in case something happens to the first.  I'm not expecting any problems, but you never know with pumpkin growing so pollinating some backups is always a good idea.  In about 10-14 days I'll take off the backup.

On Monday I should be pollinating a 2nd pumpkin on my 335 plant.  I hope to pollinate it with Joe's 282 plant.  It is probably 14-15 feet out on the main vine.  If things look good with it I'll go with it and take off the 1st pollination.  I wanted to let the plant get a little bigger before getting a pumpkin growing at full speed on the plant.

Gave both plants a very light foliar application of fish & seaweed along with some multi mineral.

1791 Pumpkin "Bo"

1791 plant front, 335 in the shadows back

335 Plant and 1st pollination

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