Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Thanks to Joe & Latest Pumpkin Photos

I was up in Canada all this last week.  Joe was good enough to watch my plants while I was out of town.  Everything is pretty much automated as far as the watering goes, but that doesn't work so well when the water is turned off.  Fortunately Joe was over to check on the plants and gave them a drink and got the water going again.  A big thanks to him for his help!

The 1791 pumpkin grew nicely while I was out of town and got more orange.  I noticed something this evening on that pumpkin.  If you look at the upper right hand side of the first picture you'll notice a bump on that side that the other side of the pumpkin doesn't have.  This is an unusual trait that the world record 2009 pumpkin had where there was more mass on the right hand side of the pumpkin then the left.  Kind of an unusual genetic trait.

The 335 pumpkin is a fair bit smaller than the 1791.  I'm hoping this one is a late grower because it isn't showing a lot right now.

This evening I gave both plants some foliar fish & seaweed along with Lithovit to help with the heat wave that started in Colorado today and will be around all of this week.

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