Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pumpkin Roots

There was a sand bag the I moved yesterday that is about 10 feet from the stump.  You love to see pumpkin roots like these on a plant.


Anonymous said...

Hi love your blog and check it as often as I can. This is my first year at trying to grow a giant pumpkin I got some good seeds from a friend so far I have a pumpkin on one plant that on the estimated tables weighs 67 pounds and was after your opinion if this seems light for this time of year it was pollinated around the first week of July.

Jamie said...

For the first 27 days of growth the size doesn't mean much. It is the growth after that separates the men from the boys. Even then some pumpkins can peak quickly and the fall off quickly. And then other pumpkins are long growers, meaning they never get super high growth rates but they don't drop off much. 67 pounds sounds pretty good at this point however for a first season.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your opinion it has seemed to grow a bit in the last few days the weather here in the UK is hot and humid it seems to love it. Thanks again Stuart.