Friday, June 9, 2017

Wind & Pollinating 1685 Pumpkin

This time of year typically is a happy time of the year.  Pollination time.  It means that all of the hard work can start paying off and you can literally see the fruits of your labors.  I have to admit, I'm pretty discouraged however.   Heavy winds have really been beating up my plants and it wasn't something I anticipated.  I knew I'd be dealing with temperature issues and I expected winds in the earlier part of the year when the plants where in their hoop houses, but not now and not this strong.

Currently the winds are about 25 mph with guests that are much stronger than that.  This week we've seen some winds that must have been 50+ mph to cause the damage they have caused.   The two hoop houses that are on the protected side of the house had their plastic tore apart.  You can only image what that does to a pumpkin plant only protected by a silt fence.  I re-buried the same vine on the 747 plant yesterday evening and then again this morning.  That doesn't help your rooting.
On the brighter side, I pollinated the 1685 plant today.  Like I mentioned before, I don't really want this one to be my keeper, but unless another female shows up in the next 6 days it may have to be.

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