Friday, July 14, 2017

Latest Pics from the Pumpkin Patch

The following are pictures from this morning from the pumpkin patch.  I've always considered, what I call the Wallace hump an interesting genetic phenomenon.  If you look at pictures of Ron Wallace's record breaking 2009 pumpkin from the front, you'll notice that the pumpkin isn't symmetrical.  There is one side that has more mass.

My 747 plant has the same trait and I've seen this in many of the pumpkins that came out of the 2009 seed.  At first I wouldn't have called a genetic trait, but probably an environmental factor, but since it seems to show up again and again it must be genetic.   The 747 seed has probably more of the 1725 genetics that grew the 2009 than any other seed out there, so you would expect this trait to show up.   The 747 seed is a selfed clone of the 1725 that grew the 2009 wallace crossed with the 1985 Miller (2009 x 1725).  At least 62% of the genetics are from that 1725 world record plant.

 I'm a bit worried about the kids plants.  Growth seems slow and the vine tips are looking funny these days.  I'm hoping they don't have yellow vine disease.  Will continue to watch that.

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