Saturday, July 8, 2017

Looking Back in Time

Lamenting the growth rate of the pumpkins this year, I went back to my growth chart in 2013 to the year I had my biggest pumpkin ever for comparison.  It made me a bit depressed.   That 1421 pumpkin named Stanley was 400lbs already when it was only 30 days old.   Those were good times. 

I've been reading some on what I can do to help the night time temperatures in a high tunnel when I add it.  The high tunnel should take care of the wind problems, but the overnight lows are still an issue.  Obviously a big propane heater would help, but would be costly.   I already have 55 gallon barrels to put in the hoop house.  I also have the geothermal setup, but I would guess that those will only raise the temperature 5-7 degrees at the most, and I really need something more like 15 degrees to really make a noticable difference and 20 degrees to grow a world class pumpkin.  That is a lot. If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know.

This evening I did a foliar application of NPK Grow (7-3-4) on all of the plants.

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