Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hopefully I Wasn't a More On

I looked at the calendar and we are basically two weeks from picking Jumbo from off the vine.  Maybe it was a moment of panic or brilliance, but I was either a "more on" or a "moron."  Went relatively heavy with the supplementation today.  The 747 pumpkin in yesterday's measurements is showing signs that it could stop growing soon.  Would really love to see it grow right up to picking day.  After looking at the forecast and the calendar, I decided to nearly double watering today.  I figure, while it is still growing, why not get everything into it that you can.  

After watering I sprayed Omina, yucca, and B-vitamins on the soil.  After that I sprayed Roots soluble powder, cane molasses, fulvic acid and RAW Microbes on the soil.  I figured the microbes weren't going to do me any good sitting in the bag so best to get it down, so if nothing else, we might get some additional spores into the patch for next season.  

I decided to give the plant the extra water to help spur some extra growth on what looks to be the last hot day in the long term forecast.  We haven't seen any descent rain here this summer, but usually after a good deal of solid rain you can see a spike in growth the next day if the weather is warm.   So I'm hoping for a mini spike from the extra water.

Next week I'll do a foliar application of TKO.   That should help push the pumpkin and since it is a foliar application it should get into the plant quickly and maybe get a little extra growth.  I'll be surprised however if the pumpkin is still growing by the end of next week.

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