Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Compost Tea & Some RAW Grow for the Plants

This morning I did an application of compost tea with alfalfa, grass clippings, leaves, humic acid, kelp, molasses, Actinovate, b-vitamins, silica and RAW Grow microbes in the mix.  That was splashed on the leaves  and around the stumps on the soil.   I then sprayed on the soil some RAW Grow 7-4-5 on the soil. 

Growth on the 1794 pumpkin has been moderate to date, but it being only day 10 it doesn't mean much.   I'm guessing this pumpkin is going to be a wheel that looks like Matt's pumpkin from last year.  More tall with not a lot of length on the pumpkin to this point.

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