Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Not to Do Part II When Growing a Giant Pumpkin

When measuring a large pumpkin make sure you don't have belt on. Silly me left some small belt buckle dents in the top of both pumpkins yesteday. I bleached the pumpkins and I'm trying to keep the spots dry today to get them to heal up.

The 1236 has found it's groove again since the patch tour and I'm pleased with where it is at right now. The 1161 has slowed down and I'm pretty sure I know why. The stump rot that I've been battling has gotten worse. Lots of a gel like substance coming out of three spots on the stump this morning. I cleaned it out again, bleached it and put on more sulfur dusting powder. This time I added a clear, plastic cover over the stump to keep it dry. It should have enough ventilation that it won't get overly hot (one end is opened and I poked small holes in the sides to help let some air through) but it will also keep the water off the stump and hopefully dry it out.

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