Wednesday, March 23, 2016

RAW Phosphorous Testing on Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Plants

You may have seen me post here previously that the RAW brand phosphorous has been shown in tests to improve root mass by 15 to 20%, so I decided to do a little test.  I planted two 747 Johnson seeds about 10 days ago and today I gave the smaller plant on the right a touch of RAW phosphorous in water and to the plant on the right I gave it just water.  In two weeks or so, we'll take the plants out of their pots and compare the roots on each plant to see how it has done.  I'll post the results here on the blog.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Start the Pumpkin Season off Right with A Fertilizer Program

I've found that when I go into a season with a plan it shows on the scale at the end of the season.  One thing I've done for a number of years is put together a fertilizer program for my upcoming season.  Certain fertilizers should be used at specific times, so by creating a road map and plan at the beginning of the year you can make sure your getting the most our of your fertilizers.

During the season I deviate from the plan that I've linked below, depending on what the plants are telling me, but for the most part this is exactly what I'll do during the season:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Even though I'm not going to be growing any competition giant pumpkin plants this year, I can't still not get excited for spring.  This week I'm going to start two 747 Johnson seeds, just to see what the plants look like.  Although I didn't get a massive pumpkin that these seeds came from last year, it wasn't the plants fault.  The cross for this plant is interesting so I hope a few people will grow it this year and I plan to grow it next year.