Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Pumpkin Seed Lineup is Now Set

Thanks to the kindness of others, I have my seed lineup set for next year.   I'll be plantinga 2145 McMulllen (1756 Howell/Jullivette x 1625 Gantner), a 1974 McConkie (2261 Wallace x Self) and a 1764 McConkie (1937 Urena x 2261 Wallace).  Basically if there isn't a capital M in the middle of the growers last name then I won't grow it.  lol

I'm really excited to start these seeds next year.  Like I talked about in my last post, the 2145 has been the best performing seed ever (hope I got one of those).  The two McConkie seeds I think have similar potential.  I saw both plants and they were very impressive growers.  In particular the plant that grew the 1974 was a very aggressive grower and I like that.  In my cooler climate I need the plants to get as big as they can as fast as they can.