Monday, February 26, 2018

2018 Giant Pumpkin Secret Fertilizing Program

The following is a modification of my "secret" giant pumpkin fertilizing program for 2018.  Each year I try to refine my fertilizer program based on my own experience, other growers feedback and new science.  Most of the fertilizers and nutrients products are NPK Industries' RAW fertilizers which can be purchased here at a discount.

May (focusing on the roots):
Week 1RAW Phosphorous/nitrogen (mono ammonium), B-vitamin, liquid seaweed/kelp, compost tea, myco, microbes & Azos, yucca
Week 2fish, compost tea (alfalfa), fulvic acid, yucca, silica
Week 3compost tea, humic acid, yucca, fish, Azos, enzymes, amino acids
Week 4compost tea, RAW 7-4-5, Omina, silica, fulvic acid

June (focus on vine growing):
Week 5blood meal (for nitrate nitrogen), phosphorus, potassium, enzymes, humic acid, compost tea, yucca, RAW 7-4-5
Week 6foliar multi-mineral, phosphorous (flowering), fulvic acid, microbes, RAW 7-4-5
Week 7(pollination) humic acid, compost tea, RAW 3-12-12, Omina
Week 8nitrogen, TKO, humic acid, yucca, compost tea

July fruit (focus on transiting from vine growing to fruit):
Week 9enzymes, NPK, compost tea, fulvic acid
Week 10NPK, humic acid, compost tea
Week 11(pumpkin gearing up), TKO, microbes, nitrogen, humic acid, compost tea, B-vitamins, Omina
Week 12cane molasses, humic acid, NPK, compost tea, iron

August (focus on the fruit)
Week 13NPK, foliar multi-mineral, compost tea, silica, Actinovate
Week 14Azos, yucca, humic acid, NPK, compost tea, Omina, foliar multi-mineral
Week 15silica, humic acid, NPK, Actinovate, compost tea, enzymes
Week 16TKO, cane molasses, fulvic acid, NPK, compost tea

September (finish the race)
Week 17humic acid, foliar seaweed, B-vitamins, RAW 3-12-12, compost tea, Omina
Week 18TKO, nitrogen, foliar seaweed, foliar humic acid, cane molasses, silica
Week 19foliar potassium, nitrogen, foliar seaweed, humic acid
Week 20foliar potassium, foliar seaweed, humic acid

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Join Me March 10th for the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers Spring Seminar

I'm going to be teaching at the speaking at the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers Seminar on Saturday, March 10th at the Mountain Seed Co. in Salt Lake.  The seminar is from 10:00 to 1:00.  Meet a great bunch of growers as well as learn the basic and advanced techniques of giant pumpkin growing.  I'll be pointing my Power Point presentation from the seminar here.

I apologize for it being so long since my last posting. Usually in the winter I post less, but things have been a little crazy for the last two months.  I was hoping to have a big announcement here by now, but some different things have held that up, so I'm hoping in the next month to talk a little more about what is coming.