Saturday, May 29, 2021

Pumpkin Plants Today

Gave the plants some nitrogen, seaweed, sulfur and humic acid over the last few days.  Buried the main vine and using those nutrients to help support new root growth along the main vine.  I bury the vines with garden soil and then put a little compost on top.

Will be making some decisions for which plant to keep in the next few days.  Both are neck and neck.  Will probably go with the one on the right.

Tilled in the cover crop today so it will be mostly decomposed as the vines grow out to the second half of the patch.

Was doing some additional research on the 1825 Sadiq seed my plants are from.  It came from a 1911 Wolf (2145 x 2416) seed.  The 2145 seed that produced the 1911 went 15% heavy.  The 2416, which didn't make it to the weigh-off, was 1803 pounds and went 18% over the chart after losing its stump early and going down early.   The 1825 pumpkin went 7% heavy.  So lots of heavy genes in this plant.

This is the picture of the 1803: