Monday, September 27, 2010

Pumpkin Party and RMGVG Weigh-off

A big thanks to everyone that was at the Johnson Pumpkin Party on Friday. I think we probably had 100 people in attendence and for those who weren't able to make it this year we hope you can make it next year and see some even bigger pumpkins.

Saturday was a bitter/sweet day at the weigh-off. The weather was ideal and the attendence was great but the pumpkin didn't go as heavy as we anticipate. The 1236 Harp eneded up at 820 pounds, a peronal best, but 16% lighter than what the estimation charts said it should weigh (150lbs less). You can't be overly sad about growing your biggest pumpkin ever however.

If anyone would like some seeds please let me know. The cross for the now 820 Johnson is 1236 Harp x 1161 Rodonis.

My children were the big winners on the day. Their 1129 Orleck ended up at 208 pounds taking first place in the Juniors division and set a new Colorado state record for Juniors. Great job kids!

The winner at the weigh-off was a monster 1,532 pounder by Kevin Marsh of South Dakota. Congrats Kevin. It was a great looking, solid pumpkin.

This coming Saturday the 1161 Rodonis will be going to the scales and I anticipate that it should weigh more than the 1236 Harp did.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Week From Today: Weigh-off Time!

Just one week from today and pumpkin #2 goes to the scales (first picture). We've had great weather this growing season and I feel relatively good about where I am at right now. I'm disappointed that the 1236 kind of tanked this month but the 1161 has shown some good, consistent long growing. It looks like by weigh-off day the 1236 and the 1161 will have the same measurements, but because of the small split in the 1236 and the growth that the 1161 is still putting on I'm going to take the 1161 to Longmont and hope it goes heavy to the scale.
My son Bode and the 1236 are in the Denver Post today. Great article:

These are the last pictures until Jared's.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

With a Week Until Vine Cutting the 1236 Gave Me a Scare

The 1236 gave me a little startle yesterday as a crack showed up just above thestem. Any pumpkin that has a hole that goes into the cavity is disqualified as damaged. The split right now is very small and is probably a growing pain but I will be keeping it dry to make sure the pumpkin holds together.

The 1236 continues to grow slowly and the 1161 is still putting on the pounds. At this point I think the 1161 will weigh more than the 1236 but I will probably take the 1236 to the Jared's weigh-off because of the split and because the 1161 is still growing fairly well.
The 1161 has has had a weird trait that I haven't ever seen on any other plant before. All of the leaves after the pumpkin are very small and it has been that way all season. It isn't untypical for leaves to be just a touch smaller after the pumpkin but these ones are uniformally 1/2 the size of a regular leaf from the stem on. It's clear that the pumpkin is a sink and is sucking all the nutrients to it. Joe Scherber suggested it might be because the cavity in this pumpkin is the size of a baseball. I'm not sure that is the case but I know the cavity will be small. Just hope that means big heavy on the scales.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1161 is the Dark Horse

I've purposefully been a little neglectful in mentioning the 1161 pumpkin (aka Larry). It has been doing a bit better than I have lead on. It still isn't as big as the 1236 in measurements but currently in weight gains it is still averaging 9 pounds a day right now. I don't believe it will have caught the 1236 by the Jared's weigh-off but it might very well pass it by the following weekend's weigh-off and I expect it to go heavier to the charts than the 1236. I guarantee the cavity for the 1161 is going to be small for this pumpkin.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The RMGVG Weigh-Off at Jared's Nursery

The question was asked where the giant pumpkin weigh-off is at. The first and main weigh-off is at Jared's Nursery. The second weigh-off is at the Flower Bin in Longmont. Details can be found at

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Slow But Steady

Not much growth these days on either pumpkin but there is still growth so that keeps us happy. Sent out the RMGVG press releases today for the Jared's weigh-off. It is going to be a fun event with some suprising outcomes!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Larry The Pumpkin

I've mentioned before that the 1161 Rodonis pumpkin is named LarryBoy (Larry for short). Larry was inspired by a child that is about the same age as my son but a whole head taller and at one time almost twice as wide. At about 3 months Larry was nearly 28 pounds. You might understand why I might name a pumpkin Larry. To the right is the picture of the pumpkin and a picture of Larry.
I discovered yesterday that something, probably a vole, has been biting at the 1236 pumpkin. I wiped the area down with bleach and sulfur powder and put some moth balls around the pumpkin to keep it away. Vole will no longer be with us if I find him.
I gave the plants some compost tea this evening with the secret sauce.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Pumpkins Are Still Alive

After being away on vacation for the last 7 days, being chased by hurricanes, I am happy to report that the pumpkins still seem to be growing. Under the tender care of Master Scherber I wouldn't expect anything less (an suprising the staple marks have healed nicely). Growth this last week for the 1236 Harp definitely was slowed down. That is to be expected when you have 43 degree nights in Denver and less then great weather conditions the better part of the week. I am happy to report however that the 1236 has broken the 1,000 pound mark according to the circumference charts so I can call the season a success as long as the scale agrees with the measurements three weeks from today.

Right now the 1236 has slipped 1/2 inch behind the goal I had for it but hopefully some descent weather will prove that this pumpkins still has enough power left in it to grow for another three weeks. I'd love to see it get in the 1,100 pound range but at the current growth rate I don't think it will make it.

The 1161 seems to still have a little more growing power in it these days and has cut the circumference gap with the 1236 down to 5 1/2 inches although it is not nearly as tall a pumpkin so unless it is super thick or the 1236 is an air bag I don't think it can ever catch it. It will have a week longer to grow than the 1236 so right now I would say it has a shot at reaching the 1,000 pound mark. For most of the season it has been 12-16 inches behind in circumference measurements to the 1236 so I think it still has something to prove.

The kids' 1129 Orleck plant is still trucking along. It has crossed the 200 pound mark.

I gave both plants 1/2 cup of seaweed yesterday along with two tablespoons of fish & seaweed.