Thursday, May 8, 2008

Denver Pumpkins--Your Guide to Growing Big Pumpkins in Colorado

A few years ago I bought my first house with a yard. I always participated in he family garden growing up but never took much to it because pulling weeds and snapping beans on a Saturday morning wasn't my idea of having fun on the weekend. It was much to my parents surprise when I started my own garden and even more to their surprise when my pumpkin took first prize in the annual pumpkin contest. Since then I have started to grow a passion for the perfect yellow squash and the need for an even bigger pumpkin.

This blog is dedicated to growing pumpkins in Denver, Colorado. A lot of it will be tips from my own experience and some of it will be my own successes and failures as the season progresses. This year I hope to get a pumpkin that is around 300 pounds. Come back frequently for regular updates on the three pumpkin plants we plan on growing this season.

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I'm Not a Trophy Wife said...

So excited to have found you. It is a running joke in the neighborhood that I can't grow pumpkins.In fact, my neighbors felt so bad they sneaked in "real pumpkins" and placed them in my pumpkin patch a few years ago!

It sounds like pumpkins don't work in container gardens and I shouldn't plant them on a retaining wall....

Maybe next year... thanks!