Sunday, August 24, 2008

Estimating Your Pumpkin's Weight

There is a way to estimate your pumpkin's weight using a cloth tape measure or a piece of string. Some good pumpkin growers took years of pumpkin data and came up with some estimated weight charts based on your pumpkins measurements. There are two ways to take the measurements, over-the-top (OTT) and circumference. Circumference is the easier method and is a good way to take regular measurements to track the pumpkins progress but it is less accurate. OTT is actually three measurements put into a formula that gives you a little bit better estimated weight. You can download the charts here. Measuring instructions can be found here but the charts on this page are out of date. These charts are based on Dill's Atlantic Giant variety of pumpkins and I'm not sure how well the chart works for other varieties. My pumpkin currently is 126.5 inches in circumference. That means it's estimated weight is about 500 pounds. This last week the pumpkin put on a total of 108 pounds.

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