Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Pumpkin is Back in Business

I decided I couldn't wait until this evening to see if the pumpkin had stopped growing so I went over to the patch early this morning to take another measurement.  I did three measurements yesterday evening and none of them were exactly the same but they were all pretty close.  Its hard to get an accurate measurement, especially by yourself, because this pumpkin has pretty good ribbing and it is nine feet around at this point.  The measurement this morning gave me some relief.  110 inches.  That means it is still growing at a consistent 2.9-3.1 inches per day.  That is about 1/2 inch per day more than the average pumpkin that is 30-40 days old and ends up at 1000 pounds at the end of the season.  A half inch is a lot at this growing stage.  1/2 inch represents about 5 pounds a day at this stage and those 5 pounds add up to a lot over two weeks.  I'm still off pace to get to 1000 pounds, but if we can stay on track and above the average I still have a small chance of getting that 1000 pounder.

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