Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Special Thanks to My Pumpkin and Parents

I would like to thank my wife Amber, the only true pumpkin, for putting up with me this growing season. She is my inspiration and she has put up with a lot this year. I put in more time into this pumpkin than either of us anticipated at the beginning of the season. Some have called it obsession, others passion. Even though it took away from our time together I recognize the sacrifices and love that she has shown to me this year. At fathers day she gave me a trip to Topsfield's big pumpkin competition and Boston. I really appreciated that. I look forward to spending that time away with her!

I also want to thank my parents. They too put up with a lot this year by letting me grow the pumpkin on their property. More than one time I called them with a request to do something with the pumpkin. I think they started to enjoy it some as the season went on though. A big, big thanks to them!

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