Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Final Soil Report

I got my soil report the beginning of the week and things are looking much better. The sodium levels are back into the normal range but my phosphorous and potassium levels are still on the high side. I did another soil flush on Monday which will hopefully get my potassium numbers into a more normal range.

Once the soil has dried out I'll add some nitrogen to the soil to get those numbers back up (the nitrogen dropped with the soil flushes) and then we will be ready for roto tilling. After roto tilling I'll put my hoop house over the planting area to begin warming the soil. I'm hoping things start drying out soon. We expect rain here in Denver on Thursday and Friday so I'm going to hold off on planting my seeds for a couple more days to make sure I have time to get my final patch prep completed and the soil warmed before transplanting outdoors.

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