Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pics from the Pumpkin Patch

The following are the latest pics from the pumpkin patch. The 1566 is growing very nicely and has the classic Christmas tree shape with a bit of a modification where I'm bending each of the vines back towards the stump. The 1350 has a bit of a funny pattern to it and it is about 2-3 days behind the 1566 but it is growing well too. Temperatures in the 88+ degree range over the next week will help the vines grow even faster.

Right now we are looking good for a 12 foot pollination on July 4th for the 1566. Probably a 10' pollination for the 1350 on the 6th so I'll probably wait a couple more days until I pollinate on that plant so I can get a little farther out, if the right females will appear. Official length on the mains: 1566 is 8' 10", 1350 is 7' 4".

Gave the plants some compost tea this morning along with a good watering. Later this week I'll be putting on some Happy Frog 5-8-4 fertilizer to help support flowering for pollination. The common myth that potassium or phosphorous can help flowering is a common myth. The truth is that the absence of macro nutrients can reduce flowering but hormones in the plant is what really controls flowering and not fertilizers.

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